Name: Bine, Missi ...Learn it! Say it! Moan it!
Age: guess :P
Lives: Bikini bottom [in a pinapple under the sea]
Piercings: 11 ~ still wants get some done :P ... 10mm flesh tunnels
From: Germany
Was Born: Eisenach
what kind drugs, do you use?: i dont do any drugs anymore.
Fav. Liquor?: Baileys
Where do you spend a Life the most?(Site) : VF, Facebook.
Orientation: PansexuaL have u any problem? ... STFU and go away

Status: TAKEN by the most amazing guy ever ... I love u so much ♥
Number: I Don't Give Fucking Out, K? Dont Send Me Messages Ask Me To Text You / You Giving The Number. [I'm NOT ask for it]
Fav Food: uhm ... potatoes, ice cream, salad ... LOL :D
interested in : boys / men & girls / women
Zodiac: Aries
Personality : always caring, friendly, worries, having perfect talent, lazy, honest, loyalty, if get mad wouldn't fight (means it will ignore you) , loves people who treat me right





want to know me more, anything else? just ask free anytime, everytime, everywhere ... xD




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